1. Extract the fles from archive. After extraction, you will have new folder called “small-business“. Use FTP client (for ex. FileZilla, http://flezilla-project.org) to copy “small-business” folder to your WordPress themes folder at your web server (wp-content/themes).
  2. Log in to the WordPress Administration.
  3. Go to Appearance->Themes and activate Small Business theme.
  4. Add new page that will be used for home page and select “Home” as Template.
  5. Go to Settings -> Reading and set Front page to display static page, then select for Front page newly created home page.
  6. Go to Posts -> Categories. Create “Featured”, “Blog” and any other category that you need.
    NOTE: Do not rename Uncategorized category.
  7. Go to Appearance -> Small Business Options and fnd “Blog category” drop- down. Select “Blog” category created in previous step and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Save Changes” button.
  8. Go to Appearance->Menus and create new menu. Type menu name and click on “Create Menu” button. Select created menu in drop-down on the left under “Top Menu”. Now, you need to add menu items, pages, categories and any links that you want to display in top menu.

After installation

Blog is your main category for blog posts. You can make blog subcategories but don’t forget to select Blog category as a parent.

Featured category is for portfolio posts that you want to display with slider on home page.

Any other category that you create, will be used for portfolio posts for ex. Web Design, Print Design…etc.

It is advisable to install some SEO plugin you prefer to optimize posts and pages according to your needs. Some plugin suggestions: