Update 1.5

Long awaited update is here and brings code optimizations and new features. Refactored core according to the WordPress best practices Various optimizations (deprecated functions removed, pre 3.0 support removed) IE6, IE7, IE8 support drop XHMTL -> HTML5 All main graphics recreated with CSS Scripts updated to latest versions Theme Customizer Logo upload Favicon upload Google webfonts …..

Update 1.4 – WP 3.0 support

Update 1.4 brings support for WordPress 3.0. The theme is backward compatible with WordPress 2.9 but I highly encourage you to upgrade to WordPress 3.0+ version as theme setup is much easier, only 4 steps! The new custom menus are supported and there is support for Google Analytics as well (or any other script/html that you want to …..

Small Business Update v1.3

Update 1.3 addresses some issues with blog category setup, adds option to display comments on portfolio posts and brings several small css fixes. Easier theme setup Option to select page that will be used as main portfolio link Option to turn on comments on portfolio post types Option to change “Continue reading” text for buttons

What’s New in v1.2 Update

Here is a list of what has been changed in v1.2 update: Full width slider images (780×245px) Option to select fade or turn-up slider transition effect Option to choose your own blog category (with your custom name) Option to rename “Home” link in top navigation bar Added latest versions of jQuery (1.4.1) and FancyBox (1.3.0) …..

Video Embed Test

Testing video embedding. Movie Takuya Hosogane And here is another one but from YouTube. It’s called Augmented Reallity.

New Features in v1.1 Update

I’m very happy to announce update v1.1 for Small Business Theme. This update brings much needed features for further customization of the theme. If you already bought the theme, you just need to re-download it again to get the newest version.

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